Friday, January 30, 2015


Cork is all about nice people, cosy pubs and one of the greatest moments of my Irish experience: strolling through English Market (a very ironic name for a market located in The Rebel County). From gourmet hot dogs (!) to chocolate truffles, you really can find anything over there. It was a splendid sunny day, incredibly so. The silver tones of the riverfront nearly blinded me with the sunlight reflected. I wanted to visit Cobh in the same afternoon but it didn't happen. Maybe next time.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Killarney, Co. Kerry

Winter in Ireland is wet. Period. That being said, why would anyone go down to County Kerry during Wintertime? Well, maybe because there is a stunningly quiet beauty awaiting. When I arrived in Killarney (Cill Airne, Irish for church of sloes), after a long train journey from Dublin, the glorious blue sky soon became a herd of silver clouds - a promise of rain ahead, an invitation to have a full Irish breakfast indoors. Exploring Killarney National Park was, however, worth the effort: venturing through bog, mud (after a few drinks, things get slippery alright), oak and yew woodlands, coming across Muckross Abbey's cloistered courtyard, gazing silently at the Purple Mountains and photographing the splendid view of Innisfallen Island from Ross Castle. The ducks on Lough Leane quacked hysterically and the sun shone upon the lake every now and then, reflecting the somewhat muted daylight. There were so many shades of green offered by Nature, the landscape looked Jurassic as fuck! I haven't seen enough of Ireland yet but I'm already sure that there is a triumphant countryside adorned with lakes and mountains that will make any tourist fall in love, and also a spectacular coastline providing inspiration for free to the most sterile imagination.
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