Saturday, October 25, 2014

"DIANA+DIANA" Lazzari Lookbook AW 14/15

If you're into playful outfits, pretty colours and cute yet classic aesthetics, look no further. This 1960s inspired collection charms and fascinates with a notorious Wes Anderson-esque vibe (Moonrise Kingdom, much?). Italy-based label Lazzari always manages to make me sigh - kudos to fashion designer Alice Lunardi! Fabrics like angora and mohair, once paired with mustard and pastel hues, are impossible to let go. Gosh, I'm quite in love with this showcase of adorable Autumnal style.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A Love Letter to London

You can never say no to London. From Primrose Hill to Regent's Park, from Whitechapel to Little Venice, from Brick Lane to Belsize Park, from Chinatown to Portobello Road, from East End to West End. The colours blind you and bind you into another reality, the way food smells in the rain absorb your senses to the last drop of taste, sensory temptations lure and lurk in every next corner. You find yourself wondering what is it about this place that makes you want to come back even before you've left. If you're in love with or in London. The groove is vibrant as your heart beats, speedy and noisy just like the tube, and you promise yourself to leave a little bit of your soul in every single moment spent in this timeless city. You simply don't say no to London. You just don't.
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