Monday, September 28, 2015

Inspiration: Female Bass Players


Thursday, September 24, 2015

Oktoberfest Dublin

I'm not a beer lover, I can't stand crowds and find the idea of Dublin adopting German traditions a bit confusing. Still, out of curiosity and peer pressure, I've skipped a few Culture Night-related events (much to my regret) and found myself surrounded by pretzels, Haribo stalls, overpriced pints and tacky Bavarian clichés - Dublin Docklands never looked so festive. You know me, I couldn't say no to good old bratwurst and tempting käsekrainer - I'm a sucker for sausages even though these two were quite underwhelming. It reminded me of that time in Manchester when I had a Cumberland sausage that tasted like Fairy. How didn't I see the rip off coming? This very Dubliner Oktoberfest did not impress me: even live music was shit but I've made an effort to stay and entertain myself since my friends seemed to be having a great time. It was fun but I wouldn't return. A bit like a one night stand, really.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Daydreaming by the Canal

Walking by the canal beats any walk in the park. It's a beautiful, green, refreshing, quiet and sometimes swampy experience. I abandon my feelings of anxiety, stress and restlessness when I stroll along the canal path, this habitat where cyclists and pedestrians coexist peacefully, where the squirrels chase the ducks and the foxes hide from the prostitutes. I love how you can walk for minutes or hours, depending on your own pace, and marvel at the whispering trees, the leafy nooks and crannies, the waterlilies, the occasional dog happily jumping into the water against his leash's will, the snoring barges and the quaint coffee shops you'll bump into along the way. You know, if it wasn't for the mold I would love to live in a boathouse.

Sunday, September 6, 2015


Grilled cheese is heavenly by itself. Add lobster and something extraordinary happens.

Age made wonders for bass player/cheesemaker Alex James *heavy breathing* Jesus, Mary and Joseph!

A house in the woods is all I need.

Alana Bloom's sense of style in Hannibal's last season is a classy delight. Very film noir-ish with a hint of Tim Burton.

A pub map of Dublin is pretty handy, huh? That would be one epic hell of a pub crawl alright.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Brunch in Slice + Smithfield Market Fair at the Generator Hostel

Slice is the place to be when it happens to be Sunday in Stoneybatter after an eventful Saturday evening/night/dawn. Brunch, the ultimate oh-so-trendy hybrid meal, has taken over the North Side of Dublin like the plague. Well, I certainly didn't say no to those scrumptious rashers and sausage scramble in sourdough bread (!), a simple yet efficient satisfaction source. I did not stop until I got stuffed, and there was still room for dessert - a chocolate, orange and caramel square, just for the sugar rush. My friend, neighbour and fellow brunchfreak Ana had bacon with pomegranate and avocado (also a personal favourite), adding a poached egg to the masterpiece. We also ordered this memorable (to say the least) jug of Prosecco with mint and elderflower to quench our thirst. I repeat: Prosecco, mint and elderflower - the Holy Trinity! Next stop: Generator Hostel.

One of Dublin's most acclaimed weekly markets, with over 40 stalls, vintage clothing, vinyl records, jewelry, arts and crafts, a barbershop, live music and food+drink, Smithfield Market Fair (I do not mean Smithfield Farmers Market, which takes place in Smithfield Square itself - cattle is not my cup of tea) is one of the best Sunday-afternoon-blues antidotes, with its chilled atmosphere and the wonderful display of diversity. From homemade cakes to design pieces, you can come across a few surprises in this vibrant venue.
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